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  • Local Artisan Bread (GF option available)

    • 10.00

    with truffle mascarpone, olive oil & balsamic vinegar

  • Oysters of the Day POD

    served 3 different ways, natural, tempura or with cucumber, lime & chilli granita 

  • Mushroom Arancini

    • 19.00

    with chipotle mayo, parmigiano reggiano & serrano ham

  • Fried Calamari

    • 20.00

    served with sriracha mayo & kimchi salad

  • Classic Steak Tartare

    • 23.00

    Angus Pure Eye Fillet, capers, smoked tabasco, parmesan cheese, cured-egg yolk & old bay potato chips

  • Caprese Salad

    • 23.00

    selection of tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, Italian Buffalo mozzarella & aged balsamic vinegar

  • Satay Chicken Salad

    coriander, lime, cucumber, mix lettuce, red onion, red capsicum, potato noodle & cashew nuts

  • Classic Caesar Salad (GF option available)

    • 20.00

    cos lettuce, streaky bacon, sourdough croutons, parmesan cheese, anchovy & poached egg- add chicken or prawns 8.50

  • Pan-seared Scallop

    • 25.00

    with beetroot yuzu gel, roasted cauliflower, hazelnut, edamane bean & miso dressing

  • Whole Prawns (DF)

    • 23.00

    served with mild Thai sauce, on ciabatta, pickled onions, crispy shallots


  • Seafood Chowder

    • 25.00

    cream based chowder with green lipped mussel, clams, prawn cutlet, squid, fish of the day, bacon, spinach & toasted garlic bread


  • Market Fish (GF option available) POD

    please ask your server

  • Tiger Fish & Chips (DF)

    • 24.00

    Tiger beer battered fish, steakhouse fries, house pickled vege & wasabi tartare sauce NZ wagyu beef patties, cos lettuce, tomato, beetroot & horseradish relish, Whiskey BBQ Sauce, onion ring & steakhouse fries

  • Chicken Breast

    • 39.00

    with roasted pumpkin & cream cheese puree, old bay roasted potatoes, tomato & red wine jus

  • Belly & Prawn (GF)

    • 41.00

    crisp skin pork belly with sautéd prawns, orange kumara purée, green apple jelly, pickled onion & citrus chilli jam

  • Falafel Cake

    • 36.00

    with kasundi sauce, vegan cheese, pickled onions & fancy salad


     (All Steaks are GF / DF)

    We find the best quality and the finest of beef around New Zealand & Australia.
    Served with a complimentary sauce, garnished with gourmet roasted potatoes & a vine ripened tomato

  • Savannah Eye Fillet

    • 180g 41.00

    Fine marbled Angus Beef grown on the lush green rolling hills of NZ. Feeds on rich NZ pastures, enhancing consistent flavours and marbling. (Recommended Medium Rare)

  • Handpicked Scotch Fillet

    • 300g 53.00

    Angus beef feeds on the rich pastures of the South Island and wet aged for no less than 55 days This brand has 4+ marbling which gives it flavour, tenderness and succulence qualities. Scotch Fillet has a good amount of fat content and when cooked well creates intense flavours

  • Black Angus Pure Sirloin

    • 300g 41.00

    New Zealand Black Angus feeds on rich green NZ pastures. Good consistent flavour and marbling

  • Black Angus Rump Steak

    • 300g 37.00

    Angus beef feeds on the rich grasslands of the South Island and finished on 90 days of grain.

    This creates a superb combination flavour from pasture, marbling and texture created by a grain diet. Rump steak is a very flavourful and has a good fat content

  • Hawkeā€™s Bay Lamb Rump

    • 250g 37.00

    New Zealand's finest lamb, served medium unless requested for more cooking


    Ask for the available weights.

    Served with 2 complimentary sauces, rocket salad & steakhouse chips

  • Florentine T Bone Steak

    • per 100g 11.00

    NZ Pure Black Angus beef grass feed and grain finished for 80 days. Dry aged for 21 days.

  • Black Angus Rib Eye Bone In

    • per 100g 14.00

    Australian bred and reared Pure Black Angus Beef. 150 days Grain Fed. Dry aged for 21 days.
    High level of marbling & flavour.

  • Black Angus Tomahawk

    • per 100g 15.00

    Australian bred and reared Pure Black Angus Beef. 150 days Grain Fed. Dry aged for 21 days.
    High level of marbling & flavour.

  • Lake Taupo 1kg Beef Rib on the Bone

    • 1kg 89.00

    NZ Beef grass fed, which has been slow cooked for 24 hours in herbs & cooking liquid.
    A perfect sharing meal, which melts off the bone, tender and scrumptious.

  • WAGYU MENU 和 ē‰› 怂

  • JAPANESE – Zenoh Wagyu Sirloin or Scotch Fillet

    • per 100g 69.00

    100% Pure Wagyu Marble Score A5
    Ask staff to see what is available today

  • NEW ZEALAND – NZ First Light Wagyu Scotch

    • 250g 63.00

    grass fed with marble score 4 – 6

  • AUSTRALIAN – Sanchoku Wagyu Scotch

    • per 100g 38.00

    from Northern Queensland grain feed with marble score 6 – 7

  • AUSTRALIAN – Wagyu Hanging Tender

    • 200g 53.00

    from Queensland grain feed with marble score 5 – 6


    • 19.00

    Choose a complimentary sauce with any steak option. You can choose additional sauces
    Béarnaise (GF)
    TCH Béarnaise (GF)
    Creamy Mushroom Sauce
    Red Wine Jus(GF, DF)
    Cafe de Paris Butter
    Gorgonzola Dolce Mascarpone Cheese (GF)
    Brandy & Peppercorn Sauce
    Whiskey BBQ Sauce(DF)
    Up Size to Surf & Turf 19
    add Garlic Butter Whole Prawns


  • Mashed Potato (GF)

    • 9.00

    / agria potato, butter & cream

    – add Truffle Paste $1

  • Rocket Salad (GF, DF optional)

    • 9.00

    / manchego cheese, olive oil & aged balsamic

  • Roasted Beetroot Salad (GF)

    • 9.00

    candied walnut & goats cheese

  • Chargrilled Broccoli (GF)

    • 9.00

    with almond butter

  • Steakhouse Fries (GF)

    • 9.00

    with herb salt

  • Creamy Spinach (GF)

    • 9.00

    finished with nutmeg

  • Onion Rings

    • 10.00

    with aioli or chipotle mayo

  • Crumbed Cauliflower

    • 13.00

    5 cheese sauce

  • Polenta Chips

    • 12.00

    with chorizo & tomato salsa


  • French Vanilla Brulee (GF option Available)

    • 16.50

    homemade biscotti, strawberries, rose & vanilla mascarpone

  • Kiwi Pavlova

    • 16.50

    with chantilly cream, mixed berry compote, kiwifruit passionfruit syrup & fresh mint

  • Chocolate Fondant

    • 16.50

    salted caramel, poached pear, raspberry & white chocolate ice cream

  • De-Constructed NY Cheesecake

    • 16.50

    gingernut crumb, raspberry gel & baileys liqueur cream

  • Assortment of Chocolate Truffles

    • 16.50

    hand made chocolates and sweets

  • Affogato

    • 11.50

    espresso, vanilla bean ice cream

  • Affagato with Liqueur

    • 16.50

    espresso, vanilla bean ice cream & your choice of liqueur